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Transforming Community

A promotional film for Yeshivat Maharat.

The Story Behind the Song

This film celebrates the 25th Anniversary of HaZamir.

This educational film is part of a Holocaust curriculum for Connecticut middle and high schools.  

People Forget,
New Haven
Hillel is Home

A film to initiate the public campaign for Cornell University's first Hillel Building.

A Link in the Chain

Genealogy and Sephardic history were the theme of this film for

the Jewish High School of Connecticut.


This film was the audio-visual

show-case of the

 Ramaz dinner 

celebrating the school's 80th birthday.

From Bialies to Bashert

A teaser for an upcoming wedding


An educational video for HaZamir.

Massad Lives within Us

This film was shown

at a fundraiser for the Camp Massad Archive at the Center for Jewish History in NYC

& Herb

A film for a 60th anniversary celebration.

The Open Rabbi

This film was shown at the YCT annual dinner gala in New York

Inge's Story

A film celebrating

 a client's 80th birthday.

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