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Transforming Community

A promotional film for Yeshivat Maharat.

The Story Behind the Song

This film celebrates the 25th Anniversary of HaZamir.

This educational film is part of a Holocaust curriculum for Connecticut middle and high schools.  

People Forget,
New Haven

This In Memoriam film was shown at the 2015 JOFA  dinner in New York and then reedited in 2017 for the inauguration of Machon Siach at

SAR High School.

A Link in the Chain

Genealogy and Sephardic history were the theme of this film for

the Jewish High School of Connecticut.


This film was the audio-visual

show-case of the

 Ramaz dinner 

celebrating the school's 80th birthday.

From Bialies to Bashert

A teaser for an upcoming wedding


An educational video for HaZamir.

Massad Lives within Us

This film was shown

at a fundraiser for the Camp Massad Archive at the Center for Jewish History in NYC

& Herb

A film for a 60th anniversary celebration.

The Open Rabbi

This film was shown at the YCT annual dinner gala in New York

Inge's Story

A film celebrating

 a client's 80th birthday.

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